Friday, April 8, 2016

Derma Green Plus Cream

Derma Green Plus Cream was the product which i received after 3 days from placing the order on their website named though it took 2 more days as there was some trouble those days in transportation services because of the JATTS in haryana, that's not our thing to talk, so let's get stick to our topic.

The reason why i wanted to buy Derma Green Plus Cream was, that one of my friend was about to get married and she was not at all interested in going to beauty par-lours, so i thought to buy her a gift which will also help her in whitening of her skin.

Skin whitening creams available in market were not effective, so she lost her faith in those products but I believed in Derma Green Plus Cream because one of my class mate had already used this product and she shared some very nice experiences with me, so i was in favor to buy Derma Green Plus Cream and I started searching it online and get to find many different websites with similar and different kind of products available.

I was kinda confused, and closed my computer and went for sleep but I was not in mood to upset myself so i started again from the very beginning and searched again on google for Derma Green Plus Cream and then found this website named jamespay and I tried reaching their contact number but the number given on their website was not available that moment, because no one received my call.

After scrolling few more websites, i went to sleep with formation of some more creams similar to Derma Green Plus Cream in my dreams and very next morning I got a call from same number asking me to what was the product i was looking for?

I asked them, what all products do they deal in with regarding to skin whitening and glowing.

The reply from their side made me excited as they dealt in all kind of creams and pills and packs regarding to the skin whitening treatment. I asked them for the prices and was pretty convinced because I already knew the prices for the same.

They had an option for pre-paid and post paid order via COD (cash on delivery)

And after 3 days , I received my order for my friend with an additional gift inside of some facial mask which also i gave to my friend.

She was again not interested in using this product, but after I made some puppy faces she got convinced and agreed to try the product on her arms for checking for any kind of allergic symptoms and later when everything went well, she used the product and was pretty happy.

I will share my pics and some of the my friends pic, once i get myself free from the marriage and all the rituals. I am not here to promote this Derma Green Plus Cream or any kind of advertisement. Neither I am no where in business. I just wanted to share my experience as these days, its kind of in trend for the people to share what all is happening with their lives.

One more thing, I would like to share for everyone is please follow that step (
try the product on her arms for checking for any kind of allergic symptoms) before using such kind of products because it can cause some kind of allergic problems to your skin its better to give it a try on your arms or legs before going with full body.

Here is a medicine which you can use in case you got allergic, it is Cetzine (cetrazine) manufactured by Glaxo company.

Also, they recommended me to use vitamin c tables available in the market on cheap prices like Limcee and Celin which also is manufactured by Glaxo.

I hope you understand that i am not promoting any product as i am not a medical representative as well.

This was my story, I will keep updating myself as soon as i get some time to post my pics and friend as well, if she allowed me to.

If you also want to buy derma green plus cream, then you can use this link, there is no referal bonus for me in this as well.

Glaxo company
Pfizer company

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